Halsey Swetzoff has been a cheese freak for a while now. After moving to Vermont to attend University of Vermont in 2004, he attended the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese in 2006. It seemed back then there were a lot more questioning glances, followed by “Oh, cheese…why?”  

Halsey helped run the cheese counter at Healthy Living Market for a few years when he returned to UVM, enthusiastically slinging cheese from both near and far.  In 2011, he and Tess moved to Bruny Island to be a part of the Bruny Island Cheese Company.  Halsey worked as head cheesemaker at Bruny Island Cheese Company for 3 years. Bruny Island Cheese Company, whose founder Nick Haddow is a strong proponent for quality artisan produce, has had the distinction of making Australia’s only raw milk cheese, and has helped evolve Australia’s cheese industry.

Halsey also loves travel and exploration, the snow and the sea, and all things culinary. 

After traveling through South America for a few years starting in 2005, Tess Peterson studied visual arts in Vermont, focusing on film and photography.  Tess always most enjoyed discovering the finer local foods, especially cheeses, while living in Vermont.  Tess’ food ethos can be summed up as Good food, Good life.

Tess left Vermont to work for Bruny Island Cheese in 2011 as well.  At Bruny Island Cheese Tess truly completed the circle between production and consumption, both hooping and flipping the cheeses daily and working directly to connect with buyers and share with cheese lovers in all corners of the globe. 

Tess believes in hard work and loving your labor, asking where and how your food is made, and above all enjoying the rewards when the day is done.