Bruny Island Cheese Company

Bruny Island Cheese Co. was started by Nick Haddow, after he spent 10 years working with specialist cheese makers in many different countries around the world. He and his partner Leonie settled on Bruny Island in Southern Tasmania in 2001 to start making cheese for themselves. Nick is a traditionalist, who recognises that great cheese was made for centuries before modern technology played a role and believes passionately in the old way of making and maturing cheese. For him, cheese making is a pursuit of integrity and flavour.

The cheeses Bruny Island Cheese Co. makes are very much the product of Nick's travels and training throughout the great cheese producing regions of France, Italy, Spain and the UK. They are the cheeses he loves to make and eat. Although Nick and his team are inspired by the artisan cheeses from their travels but they do not seek to copy them. Instead, he wants to make cheeses that are connected to their environment... cheeses with a distinctly Tasmanian character.

Bruny Island Cheese Co. use both cow's and goat's milk to make its range of cheeses. The animals are farmed in an environmentally sustainable way with the focus of the farming practices on producing the best milk possible. We believe profoundly that the milk is what makes the cheese and therefore the good treatment of animals and their milk is paramount to us.

We love making people happy through cheese. Our Cheese Club is a great example of this. It allows us, the cheese makers, to have a direct relationship with the people who are eating our cheese. And that's the way it should be.